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Moving to Florida

7 Great Reasons to Move to Florida

April 8, 2021

People love living in Florida, and it’s not just the beaches, though they’re definitely on the list. Florida isn’t just for retirees. Many young professionals and families are making the move to cities like Fort…

Moving to St. Augustine FL

5 Reasons to Move to St. Augustine

December 15, 2020

With its rich history and loads of charm, St. Augustine is a popular destination both for tourists and people looking for a place to call home in the Sunshine State. In the 1560s, French Huguenots…

Live in Miami FL

A Quick Guide to Living in Miami

December 8, 2020

With its historic neighborhoods, trendy arts scene, cultural diversity, exciting nightlife, AND gorgeous beaches, Miami has something for everyone! More than 430,000 people call Miami home and even more in the surrounding areas of Miami-Dade…

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