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Retiring in Florida

The Beauty of Retiring in Florida

January 5, 2022

Florida is known for many things, including its constant warm weather and vacation-like beaches. Another quality it’s known for is having a high retiree population. For retirees or people close to retirement, Florida looks like…

golf in florida

Best Cities For Golf In Florida

December 20, 2021

Are you a golfer looking to make Florida your permanent home, or just trying to make a trip out of it? Whatever the case may be, you won’t be in short supply of stunning courses…

florida retirees

Retiring In Florida? Things To Know

November 12, 2021

It’s everyone’s dream to reach that golden age or retirement, pack up, and fly down south to warm Florida. It happens every single year at a higher and higher rate every single year. As one…

safe city in florida

Safest Cities in Florida

October 12, 2021

When considering moving to a new location, oftentimes you will consider things such as school zones, security, and living costs. While Florida is known for its beautiful beaches, weather, and relaxation, keeping all of these…

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