Your guide for the Absolute Best places to live
in Northeast Florida

Northeast Florida is known locally as the “First Coast”. This stems from being the first place in the continental United States to see European contact and settlement. Juan Ponce De Leon is thought to have landed here during his first expedition in 1513. The First Coast also includes St. Augustine, which is the nation’s oldest continuously inhabited European settlement. A real sense of history permeates the land here and can be seen in old forts built by the French and Spanish, Indian burial mounds, and centuries old buildings.

Northeast Florida has been recognized as both the healthiest and best educated. It houses the number one school district in the state, the St. Johns County School District. The region experiences a colder winter than the rest of the state except for the Panhandle. This is perfect for someone who enjoys the changing of seasons and still wants to wear that fashionable winter wardrobe for a few days here and there. The look and feel of this part of the state more closely resembles the coastal deep south than tropical Caribbean. You will find Spanish moss covered oak hammocks, pine forests, salty marshlands, and cold tolerant palm tree varieties.

If you’re looking for a sense of “old Florida”, natural surroundings, family friendly atmosphere, refreshing cold snaps, and a high quality of life, Northeast Florida may be for you.

Compared to Central East Florida:

  • More Coastal Southern Feel
  • Less Tropical
  • More Turbid/Less Blue Ocean Water
  • Colder Winter/More Defined Seasons

Compared to Northwest Florida and the Panhandle:

  • Slightly Warmer Winter
  • Less Popular Beaches
  • Less Deep South Feel
  • Less Clear/Not as Pretty Ocean Water
  • Less Party/Vacation Destination

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