Live in Pensacola FL

Considering Living in Pensacola? Here’s What You Should Know First!

March 12, 2021

The 460-year-old city of Pensacola has been around long enough to see rule by Britain, Spain, and France. This rich history is celebrated here and is reflected in the architecture and even the street names. More recently, an influx of arts and culture have revived the cobblestone streets of the historic downtown, giving those living in Pensacola new and exciting dining, arts, and entertainment options. If you’re considering moving to Pensacola, here is what you should know about this vibrant and charming city.

Enjoy a Convenient Location When Living in Pensacola

On the western tip of the panhandle, Pensacola is the last Florida city before you hit the state line. Alabama is close by, and New Orleans is only a 90 minute drive. Traveling eastward, you’ll find the scenic 30A highway to take you to some of the most beautiful beaches Florida has to offer. So for convenient day trips, living here can’t be beat!

Pensacola Boasts A Variety of Neighborhoods in its Regions

Those living in Pensacola enjoy a relatively low cost of living. And each region offers unique options for places to call home.

  • Downtown: Homes, condos, apartments, and more, historic downtown Pensacola has it all. If you want to be able to walk to coffee shops, restaurants, boutiques, arts, and other convenient locations, then check out downtown living.
  • Westside: This region is home to the Naval Airstation and is a mix of both military and civilian families. There are great neighborhoods close to the water, as well as suburban options. The park along Bayou Grande is a great place to enjoy the outdoors, walking, jogging, kayaking, and more.
  • Midtown: There is plenty of restaurants and shopping in this region, which is also where you’ll find Pensacola State College and Pensacola Christian College. 
  • North End: More of a rural feel, here you’ll even find farms. The University of Western Florida is also found in the North End.

Those Living in Pensacola Have Easy Access to Two Beautiful Beaches

Beautiful beaches on either side make it easy to enjoy all the elements of beach-style living. Perdido Key offers two state parks and a more quiet, secluded beach visit. Pensacola Beach features seaside shops, dining, and a boardwalk for a more touristy vibe.

If you’re ready to start living in Pensacola, contact one of the top real estate agents today and learn more!