Best Place Living Panama City

5 of the Best Places to Live in Panama City

February 8, 2021

For beautiful beaches and plenty to do, you’ll love life in Panama City! Located in the panhandle, it has all the elements of city life, yet still retains the charm of its history as a fishing village. Here are some of the best places to live in Panama City you should definitely check out!

5 of the Best Places to Live in Panama City

1. Pretty Bayou

This suburban community is a great place to call home. Conveniently located, this community is home to many professionals and retirees alike.

2. Sweet Bay

Sweet Bay offers new homes for sale, as well as existing homes. With picturesque homes near the bay and plenty of greenspace to enjoy, Sweet Bay is a great place to live in Panama City. Not far from beautiful beaches and with many amenities in the works within Sweet Bay itself, put this community on your list. 

3. Cove

This historic Panama City neighborhood is east of downtown. Live oaks contribute to the southern charm of the area, which dates back to the early 1900s. There is easy access to the water, so it is a boaters paradise! 

4. Delwood Beach and Magnolia Beach

With stunning homes near the beach, Delwood Beach and Magnolia Beach are perfect for enjoy the beach vibe. There is plenty to do when you make your home in this slice of paradise.

5. Upper and Lower Grand Lagoon

A vibrant place to call home, both Upper and Lower Grand Lagoon offer so much to do. With plenty of bars and restaurants with gorgeous views, convenient beaches and shopping, check out the real estate offerings in these areas.

It’s Time to Make the Move to One of the Best Places to Live in Panama City

If you’re ready to live among some of the most beautiful beaches in Florida, enjoy the plethora of things to do, and dine on fabulous seafood, contact the exceptional local Panama City realtors today. Discover the great neighborhoods in Panama City that you’ll love to call home!