Retirement in Bradenton

When you think of Florida, you probably envision an area full of beaches and vacation-like weather. While this is partly true, these towns and cities make for fantastic places to retire. The state of Florida’s retiree number has been growing even more in recent years and there’s good reason for it. Find Your Florida is your ultimate tour guide for the state of Florida. We can make your decision for retirement in Bradenton that much easier!

Below, you’ll find some of the top reasons why people love retirement in Bradenton.

Weather for Retirement in Bradenton

Florida is known for its sunshine and Bradenton is no different. Like the rest of Florida, Bradenton is known for being hot in the summer and warm in the winters. The average high in January is just over 70 degrees Fahrenheit and in the summer months, the average is just over 90 degrees. The summers in Florida can be brutal for those that are not used to this type of weather. This can be a great time to travel for those looking for retirement in Bradenton. 

Savings for Retirees

If you’re looking for a place with a great real estate market, Bradenton is the place for you. Bradenton has seen an increase in residents which makes it a buyer’s market. Interest rates are low with about an average of 4 percent. If you’ve dreamed of living on the ocean, Bradenton has great waterfront properties to choose from. 

The property taxes in Bradenton are also very low. Manatee County has the 11th smallest tax rate out of all the counties in Florida.

Entertainment in Bradenton

Bradenton isn’t as big or lively as a bigger city such as Orlando or Miami, but it still has its fair share of things to do. Bradenton is home to the Village of Arts which contains over 30 different art galleries. There’s also the Manatee Golf Course where you can play a great game of golf. If you’re looking to explore the outdoors, there’s the amazing Manatee River State Park where you can find all sorts of different spectacles of nature. 

Demographic for Retirement in Bradenton

Bradenton’s population is made 25% up of people over the age of 65. This makes it the perfect place to retire. There are plenty of active communities and 55+ communities to choose from. The amazing cost of living here and the not-crowded area make it a great place to choose. 

Health Benefits in Bradenton

Health care is not only amazing in Bradenton, but all across Florida. Since Florida is a hot spot for retirement, the health care system has been modified in order to cater to the retired demographic. You’ll find a number of providers and well-known brands such as Clevland Clinic and The Mayo Clinic.

Retirement in Bradenton is Right For Me!

We know you’ll love retirement in Bradenton. Its incredible weather, living costs, and retirement benefits will welcome you with open arms. We want to be your tour guide of Bradenton and show you all the amazing things to do there. If you’re ready to make the move or you have more questions about cities in Florida, reach out to our online contact form today